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Francesca / sometimes I feel things of note

It’s almost 8 at night and I’m only just heading out of the apartment

Anonymous asks: Can you tell me about bukowski and why he is bad? I'm not challenging you I actually didn't know this and I would like too

Hey there, to be fair you’re going to get better background on Bukowski from internet resources, just go to Wikipedia and read about who he is if you’re honestly interested. Why don’t I like him? I’m just super sick of opening up books of a hell of a lot of celebrated 20th-century writers and ending the book feeling so disappointed in how women are portrayed in their writing and I’m also sick of people celebrating writers like him by saying that, and I quote, “You shouldn’t worry about the sexism, focus on his talent”. And I’m also really tired of guys reading his work and telling me that he only writes about women like he does because women didn’t love him when he was young, so he’s bitter, which is also really F- as an excuse because it’s that same mentality that you see where people abuse women (or kill them i.e the recent Isla Vista killings) and they do so because they feel women didn’t give them enough attention or women are beneath them. It’s just disappointing, to see people that are celebrated, writing about women as if they’re most often worthless sex objects or not worth their time if they’re not offering sex, not just Bukowski, a whole vast group of old and new writers. Just down with one-dimensional, over sexualized women as the characters of celebrated writers work. 


i want to be as well-spoken and cool as him 

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Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine

this song reminds me of being a kid and walking into the kitchen where my mum would be playing this record and cooking breakfast and would pull me along to dance with her and I’d pretend to be really embarrassed and wouldn’t smile / would pretend I was too cool to be dancing with my mum until I would start laughing and sing along

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things to be happy about: 

I made guacamole

SBS has 400 free films online right now and I want to see all of them / all of my favourite films are up (including Beginners), so many good foreign films that are on my to-watch list 

goal for today is to draw a larger than life, full body self-portrait 

Anonymous asks: tbh I never thought you'd be the kinda person to get a septum, then again, I don't really know you at all. All in all I think you look super great with it :)

Nor did I, I definitely feel like I have two personalities that are polar to one another and I’m trying to fit them together and make my body feel more like my own, and getting little things like piercings is helping me stake a claim on my body, I also feel very quiet and timid a lot of the time, so I’m just trying to fake it until I make it and all that

Bob’s House
Guy Mendes
Bob’s House

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tbh I’m kind of proud sometimes that I keep on drawing constantly even though I’ve never really been taught how to and just do it for myself / I didn’t get to take art in my later high school years but I kept on making things and the idea of actually studying art for years in the future is v exciting / I don’t know I’m just glad I read a lot about art in the world and draw even though I’m not brilliant at it

girl / I can’t tell whether I like her or not 

girl / I can’t tell whether I like her or not 

Black Beauty - Lana Del Rey


ahhh guilty pleasure song

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Anonymous asks: I have begun to love the idea of coming home after school just to check your blog and insta. I am in love. A question> are you still in high school?? cheers from Colombia.

Ahh thank you! No, I am not in high school anymore :—)


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Anonymous asks: Hello dearest Francesca, I remember you writing about feeling inspired to draw by music, could you perhaps make a list of pieces of music that inspire you in that way?

Hello! I can indeed list some of the music that makes me feel like creating. A lot of it comes from the same artists though:

  • Nils Frahm (especially watching him live, even his discussion is beautiful):

i, ii, iii, iv, v

  • Olafur Arnalds:

i, ii, iii, iv

  • Keaton Henson (from Romantic Works, which is so moving it is transcendent)

i, ii, iii

  • Mogwai

i, ii, iii, iv

I also like to draw to Max Richter, FKA twigs, Balmorhea, Atoms For Peace, Agnes Obel, Ben Frost, Sigur Ros, Antony & The Johnsons, Greg Haines, The Horrors, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Holograms, Mono, Swans (late 90’s), Slint, Ef, Devendra Banhart, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky, Mum, Sin Fang, God is an Astronaut, Douglas Dare, Sylvian Chauveau, Yann Tiersen, Johann Johannsson.

I am sure I have forgotten many, though. I really love each musician on the list, but some of the ambient music honestly have the worst pictures as the images on the youtube videos.